Nikon small world competition 2021 (Contest) – Details

What else could be a great thing that happens to a photographer more than recognition? Photography is an art, not everyone are artists in it. Photography is the only amazing art that can hold moments. It captures life! There must be so much patience in the photographer for his art or pictures to get recognized. You cannot just sit at your home, take few pictures and become famous. You need to explore things, see the world from a different angle. A good photographer has the ability to see through his camera.

The present got to know about the history only because of photography. Life has become very attractive after knowing how to capture moments and make them memories. We treasure the photographs and when we rewind them, we get to see a whole past life. That is why photography is not just a job, but an art.

Nikon small world competition 2021
Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest

How do you get a photography award?

A great way for the photographs of the photographers to be recognized is by participating in the “photography contests”. Photography contests are the best platform to exhibit your talent and get a chance to win various awards. Various people with different themes and different photographs will be getting a chance to enter into the contest, the best among them will win.

Every photographer has his\her own style of clicking pictures. Every style is a lesson. When you participate in a photography contest you might not win, but you will definitely get a chance to enhance yourself, better yourself, inspire yourself.

Nikon small world competition 2021

The Nikon Small World Competition is a photography contest that first began in the year 1975. The main concept of the Nikon small world competition is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of a photographer for his microscopic photography. In the photomicrography, as the name implies, the intersection of science and art is clearly observed and watching it is alluring.

The Nikon Small World Competition is open to anyone, which means anyone who is interested in photography and microscopy can participate in the competition. Individuals can participate either in Nikon small world contest or the Nikon small world in motion contest.

In Nikon small world contest, you must click the pictures at a microscopic level and upload them. Whereas in the Nikon small world in motion contest you must shoot a motion video at a microscopic level and upload them.

Official website
Link to Apply Contest
Submission deadline30 April 2021
Entry feeFree
Age criteria18 and above

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How to enter Nikon Small World Competition?

The Nikon Small World Competition is open to anyone. One can upload their digital images or videos directly into Nikon small world secure server.

If you are willing to enter the competition, the Nikon small world will invite you to create a small world entrant account. You can enter the competition by registering as said or just being a guest.

After creating the account, you will get to create a profile. You must fill in all the data like your name, phone number, home address, email address etc. your details.

Any individual can upload up to three images or videos they want. They must upload them before the deadline i.e. before 30 April 2021 11.59 p.m. But before that read all the official rules of the competition.

This Nikon Small World Competition demands absolutely zero entry fee. You need not pay any entry fee to enter the competition and exhibit your talent.

The theme of the competition:

Micro. Microphotography means photographing the objects at a microscopic level. Whereas macro means photographing objects by taking super close-ups.


Individuals who want to participate in the Nikon Small World competition must have a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of entry.

Participants must have access to a light microscope because that is what the competition is all about.

Employees working at Shaw & Todd or Nikon Instruments Inc., and also the employees working at the parent or affiliated companies are not eligible to enter the competition. Also, the family of the employees is not allowed into the competition.

Any person, be it the business owner or an employee at the manufacturing or sales company of microscopes or related work are not eligible to participate in the competition.


The Nikon Small World competition offers many exciting prizes to encourage the photographers that won the competition.

In Nikon small world contest the Winner will receive a cash prize of $3000. Followed by the runner with $2000.

Cash prizes for Nikon Small World competition

Cash prizes for Nikon Small World competition Nikon Small World in Motion Contest
1st prize-$30001st prize-$3000
2nd prize-$20002nd prize-$2000
3rd prize-$10003rd prize-$1000
4th prize-$8004th prize-$800
5th prize-$6005th prize-$600
6th prize-$400
7th to 10th prizes-$300 for each
11th to 20th prizes-$200 for each


  • All the images you upload must be in the .png, .tiff or .jpeg format.
  • Macrophotography is not acceptable in this competition.
  • Entrant must upload the photos that are captured only using a light microscope. It need not be taken only using the Nikon brand but can be clicked using any other brands.
  • Any indecent, unlawful, inappropriate, obscene, defamatory submissions are strictly prohibited.
  • The uploaded images or videos must not contain any spyware, viruses or any other computer codes that damage any data or information in the system.

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